Watch Me Take The Bar
Watch Me Take The Bar
This blog, originally started as a chronicle of my taking the bar, is now a look into the mind of an attorney in solo practice in Port Clinton, Ohio.
Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Going Postal

The price of stamps went up $.02 the other day.

So, as a good American, this is your chance to complain, moan and whine about the postal service and what a lousy job they do and how you can't afford $.02 more.

And if you believe that, you probably voted for W out of a sense of patriotic duty, too.

Look, I've got a proposition for you. I'm going to send a letter to California. I'd like it there soon. I'll give you $.39 for your trouble.

Any takers?

OK, I'll raise my bid to $.78.

All right. So, you won't be the transporter. Perhaps you'd like to be a cog in the well-oiled machine that will get it there. You will be expected to deliver in rain, sleet, snow and hail. Be attacked by every Doberman on your route. And then there's the occasional perception that you are prone to workplace violence.

Anyone? Anyone?

First one to volunteer can complain about the recent postal rate hike. The rest of you, shaddup and lick it.

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