Watch Me Take The Bar
Watch Me Take The Bar
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Friday, June 23, 2006

Not The Brightest Hunger Striker In The World, That Saddam

Well, isn't this special: Saddam Hussein has ended his hunger strike, which apparently consisted of, uh, skipping lunch.

I'm not joking.

Saddam was doing without vittles to protest the assasination of one of his lawyers. Legal experts say this may be one of the first time on record anyone, anywhere, has indicated unease at the demise of a lawyer.

But, truly. What a wimpy hunger strike. Two major flaws:

1. He skipped LUNCH. LUNCH, for God's sake. That was it, that was all. Saddam, baby, try working for a living and not having time to eat. Good grief...

2. Generally, the idea of a hunger strike is this: Something bad is happening and will continue to happen absent some change that can be effected. You stop eating so that everyone goes, "Oh my! That Saddam is such a nice man and if he died the world would be so much worse off, we simply MUST meet his demands so he'll start taking nourishment again." (Which leads us to a third subflaw -- you must be someone we would miss if you were gone.)

Your lawyer was DEAD, Saddam. No pulse. He wasn't coming back because you started eating. I mean, the rest of us might have been quite happy to have you continue to protest in this manner, but your method was stupid.

Perhaps he's working on an insanity defense...

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