Watch Me Take The Bar
Watch Me Take The Bar
This blog, originally started as a chronicle of my taking the bar, is now a look into the mind of an attorney in solo practice in Port Clinton, Ohio.
Friday, July 28, 2006

Quote of the Day On Peer Review, Non-Efficacy Of

Michael: [Makes sound of horror.]

Pleasant Reason: What?

Michael: If you can't get disbarred for this, what can you get disbarred for? The Supreme Court just suspended a guy for two years (with one year stayed) for "delaying filing of joint personal bankruptcy, forging clients' signatures, misrepresenting that no fees had been paid, failing to appear at first meeting of creditors or to communicate with client, making further misrepresentations at bankruptcy hearing and failing to adequately protect clients' interests on withdrawal from bankruptcy." [Mahoning Cty. Bar Assn. v. Olivito, 110 Ohio St.3d 64, 2006-Ohio-3654, no, I don't talk in citations to my grlfriend.]

Pleasant Reason [not even stopping to wonder WHY she chose to date a lawyer]: Isn't that, like, not doing his whole job as a lawyer?

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