Watch Me Take The Bar
Watch Me Take The Bar
This blog, originally started as a chronicle of my taking the bar, is now a look into the mind of an attorney in solo practice in Port Clinton, Ohio.
Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Good Grub With Groceryman, Volume #1

Every now and then, I find something pleasing to the palate and try to share it with you. My recommendation today is simply a salad dressing -- namely, Drew's All Natural Thai Sesame Line dressing/maranade. I used Dole Spring Mix, orange bell peppers, and scallion onions, and then generously (perhaps just slightly too generously) added the dressing. It was fresh, refreshing, and didn't feel like I was clogging my arteries.

You can check this out at your local Bassett's Market. (For those of you in California, the closest one is in Sylvania, Ohio, or for those of you in Lynchburg, the closest one is in Bellevue, Ohio. Of course, it's really an hour's difference between the two.) Or you can go to to see more of his products.

Bon appetit!

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