Watch Me Take The Bar
Watch Me Take The Bar
This blog, originally started as a chronicle of my taking the bar, is now a look into the mind of an attorney in solo practice in Port Clinton, Ohio.
Monday, July 25, 2005

Battle Armor

OK, being a boy, I just figured out what clothes I'm taking. Pleasantly enough, no laundry need be done for my packing.

As I mentioned before, the Supreme Court's guidance on what the temperature will be like is, to put it mildly, lacking. With these variable temperatures, I won't be surprised if a small hurricane moves through.

So, the plan is jeans, t-shirt, button-down type shirt, and then a sweatshirt for good measure. (I'm not trying to be a fashion plate here.)

Also taking with me my favorite type of pens. I have to acquire some pencils and find a sharpener, though...

Awoke this morning to lovely emails from a friend with all types of different spiritual wishes. Very nice. (Although, I had to point out, if all Tibetan prayer flags begin with 'HEY!,' someone's got to be getting irritated with so many people yelling "HEY!" at him for so many years.)

When I got up, there was condensation on my porch window. Indication this'll be another hot one, folks. Yesterday was pretty rough, last night in particular...I felt like when I went to Dallas a few years ago, and it was unbearable during the day, but you figured it would be better at night...but it was just as hot and sticky in the evening. At 10:00, it was like 90 out.

All right, gonna do a little last minute reviewing, then pack up the war wagon, er, Bug.

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